Smokestacks manufacturated in galvanized steel or stainless steel. We also have double sheet chimneys complying with de laws EI 30/60/90/120.

Simple Chimneys

The simple chimneys are the most common, are  made of stainless or galvanized steel.

Are installed for local ventilation, fumes exhausting for kitchens, where it is not necessary to mount a double chimney…


Double tube chimney

For installations where specifies who have to comply with current laws EI30/60/90/120.

Chimneys are double tube Stainless, inner lined with rock wool preventing the transmission of heat, fire and noise.


Collective chimney

With our system the smokes do not go on from one neighbour to another, would also ensure efficient removal of each kitchen.

Our system is based on the channelling of the entire neighbours fume with a fireplace which is usually grafted to the different strands from each floor.

We are experts in such cases, ensuring and guaranteeing the solution of your problem.